Муха Цокотуха (0+)

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5 января - 5 января
50 min.
Spectacle, Детский
Беларускі дзяржаўны акадэмічны тэатр юнага гледача
8.00 rub. -  12.00 rub.
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Musical fantasy based on the poems of Korney Chukovsky


Director: Anna KOZLOVA

Artistic director: Darya VOLKOVA


Duration: 1 hour


A funny story about the celebration of the birthday of the Fly, about the treacherous Spider and the bold Mosquito is known to every child and adult. But what if your holiday was forgotten? It's a shame, isn’t it? So how to find friends when you look like a little gray fly, but inside - you are a beauty with butterfly wings ? And why did the insects get so scared with the first nuisance that they ran away into the corners and cracks? Why did only a little Mosquito rush to save the Fly from the terrible Spider?

After our performance we will think together about what real friendship is, how important it is not to betray friends, to be brave and to be ready to help.

The performance is full of music, dance and favorite poems of Korney Chukovsky.


Premiere - October 26, 2018

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Весёлая гісторыя пра святкаванне імянінаў Мухі, пра падступнага Павука і адважнага Камарыка знаёмая кожнаму дзіцяці і даросламу. Але што, калі пра тваё свята забыліся?Крыўдна, праўда?А як знайсці сяброў, калі ты з выгляду маленькая шэрая Мушка, а ў душы к